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Our Fort Wayne Bed Bug heat treatment method consists of a 3 step process. Inspection, Heat or Bio, and Ongoing Protection tested to guarantee elimination of bed bugs and provide exceptional peace of mind and quality of life.

Does Bed Bug Heat Treatment Help?

100% yes! We ensure our customers are cared for along every step of the process so that no area is left to chance. We provide quick yet effective solutions for rapid relief from the most uncomfortable beg bugs infestation. We are discreet and keep your treatments private.

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How We Perform A Fort Wayne Bed Bug Heat Treatment

How do we know if we have a bed bug issue and not just need pest control? In an early infestation, it is very difficult to actually find the bedbugs themselves, so often bedbugs are actually identified by finding their fecal matter spots or molt casings. If bedbugs have not been observed, but you think you may have them, contact Ben’s Bugs Be Gone for a detailed inspection. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in how to spot and identify bed bug signs. (If we do find bedbugs, the cost of the inspection is immediately deducted from the cost of your treatment.) (Please note: just because you have bites, does NOT mean you have bed bugs—and no one can actually “diagnose” bed bugs from the bite alone. Bedbugs must be properly identified by careful and detailed inspection of your home.) In more established infestations, the actual bugs will very quickly be spotted. But they are not always just on your bed or couch– they can be found in books, picture frames, stuffed animals, electronics, night stands, even electrical outlets. They are also not just limited to bedrooms—bed bugs are hitchhikers, which means that anywhere you go in your house, they can go too. This is why proper, expert treatment MUST include your whole house. So you think you have bed bugs… now what? First, don’t panic—you’ve come to the right place. Ben’s Bugs Be Gone specializes in helping you get your life and your home back as safely and quickly as possible. You can get bed bugs anywhere (movie theaters, doctors’ offices, hotels, etc.), school, custody situations, family members, individuals getting in-home assistance from agencies and the list goes on. Remember, do not blame yourself—let Ben’s Bugs Be Gone quickly and efficiently get your quality of life back for you. Second, know that you DO have options.* Ben’s Bugs offers the widest range of bedbug treatment programs in the Fort Wayne area. No matter your home type, size, infestation level, or ability to prep, we offer a treatment option to match your needs. 

*Please note: Self-treating can cause issues with professional treatment and often makes the bedbug infestation substantially worse.

Fort Wayne Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Ben’s Bugs is the #1 heat remediation bed bugs Fort Wayne specialist. Heat is THE fastest way to get your life back. We use modern external-fuel equipment that quickly and efficiently gets your home up to temp and eradicates bedbugs within 6-8 hours, so that you can be back into your home by the next day. We then follow-up with a chemical barrier to take care of any possibility of stragglers. 

Fort Wayne Bed Bug Aprehend® Bio Service

We understand that not every bedbug situation is the best fit for heat, so Ben’s Bugs has recently begun offering a new, cutting-edge Aprehend treatment option. This targeted fungicide only affects bedbugs, and has a long-term residual effect, making it a safe, eco-friendly option which is especially helpful in situations where prep work is difficult or impossible. 

Quarterly Fort Wayne Pest Control

Once you have been treated, our long-term proactive option gives you peace of mind against any future bed bugs infestation. This program involves a detailed quarterly inspection and preventative treatment of your home to protect you in case of bedbug reintroduction. Also under this program, you will be covered for complete general pest control at NO extra cost– including spiders, mice, ants, fleas, and occasional invaders 

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“I have a few rentals in Fort Wayne, Indiana that had some bug issues. Ben’s Bugs Be Gone got rid of all the issues that we had. One of those rentals had bed bugs, and they dealt with that issue in just one service. I highly recommend this company if you need pest control in Indiana.”
“Thank you”
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