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Our Fort Wayne pest control program is designed around peace of mind. While we can’t assured you that you will never be bugged by that arent insects, when it comes to household pests and rodents, Ben’s Bugs Be Gone has you covered every season of the year.

How can Fort Wayne Pest Control Help Me?

As part of our Fort Wayne pest control program, we will inspect and analyze your home and notify you of any issues you may have that are conducive to pest infiltration. This can include foliage against your house, thick mulch around the foundation, exposed piping, gaps and cracks, improperly sealed entry points, and more.

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The #1 Fort Wayne Pest Control Service

“Peace of mind”… ahhh, that sounds so good, doesn’t it? But what does it have to do with pest control? Everything! The weather in Fort Wayne, IN can bring unwanted things into your home. In the Spring pests like ants (especially carpenter ants), spiders, wasps, carpenter bees, and more will attempt to make their way indoors. When the heavy rains come, so do earwigs and other moisture-related pests like pillbugs, sowbugs, and red clover mites. In summer and fall, the pest invasions really ramp up, with Asian lady beetles, stink bugs, millipedes, centipedes, hornets, yellow jackets, European hornets and other Fort Wayne stinging insects. Then as it gets closer to winter, issues with wolf spiders, and even Fort Wayne rodent issues like mice and rats can give you even more to worry about. Ben’s Bugs Be Gone will provide you with true peace of mind Fort Wayne pest control services on a year-round program that we have finely tuned to protect your home from all of the general household pests that bother you. This includes an annual interior treatment to remove any pests already residing inside your home. Also included in our Fort Wayne pest control program are three automatic pest control treatments of your home’s exterior which puts a barrier up around your home and keeps new pests getting inside. Should you have a pest issue in between treatments, don’t worry, you are covered by a year-round pest control warranty. Just give Ben’s Bugs Be Gone a call and we’ll be out to take care of it, at NO extra charge.
Don’t be fooled by companies who offer a “365-day plan” but only do one treatment per year– or by ones that use low-quality products and have to re-treat every month. Ben’s Bugs Be Gone uses high-grade products that have long-lasting residual effects, and we carefully space our treatments to maintain the most powerful protection barrier for your home.
We don’t want you to lose sleep about toxic products, either. Ben’s Bugs Be Gone is a family Fort Wayne pest control company that cares about the health and safety of our customers, employees, and the environment. Because of this, we use all-natural, food grade products for preventative maintenance on the interior of your home. They’re as safe as the salt and pepper on your kitchen table. For severe infestations like major roaches or bed bug issues, we will always discuss all options with you, and notify you of all programs and details. 

Fort Wayne Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Pest Control may not be enough to handle the tough issue of a Fort Wayne bed bug infestation. Unlike your average Fort Wayne bed bug exterminators, We offer many solutions to resolve your bed bug concerns.

Fort Wayne Rodent Removal Services

Hearing noises in your walls or attics? Smelling something that doesn’t belong? It could be a Fort Wayne rodent issue like mice or rats. Have no fear, we can handle any issues related to Fort Wayne rodent removal and rodent exclusion.

Fort Wayne Stinging Insect Services

Are you allergic to Fort Wayne stinging insects? Maybe just the thought of them near you or your property is too much. We understand and have all the right tools to properly and swiftly remove the stinging pests.


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“I am so pleased with the service I have received from Ben’s Bugs Be Gone. I originally called for a flea and spider infestation. They were completely booked out for a month but had someone come out on a Saturday to get us in sooner. After about 3 weeks I was still seeing spiders in the basement and contacted Ben’s Bugs and they came out right away, for free, as promised. After the first visit, I was no longer worried about my kids being bit by pests, which was a HUGE weight off my shoulders. The fact that you don’t advertise on your vans is much appreciated, and most importantly, both times that I left, I felt secure that there was a trustworthy “stranger” being left alone in my home. They are always friendly, patient, quick to respond, and explain everything in great detail. I will never go anywhere else! Thanks for such great service!”

“Thank you for such a kind review, We love taking care of your pest control needs.”

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